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It's been so long

I just log in  so I dont have to prove I'm 18 every time.

Harry Potter

My friend lend me a book called "Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture", written by Michael O'Brien. I suppose now instead of fanfiction I should try reading this a bit heavy, but interesting book.

I have no idea why my friend wants me to read it, I don't remember telling her how I really feel about Harry Potter books. I don't really care about it so much.  

Although, because of those books I got introduced into fandom, I have no idea if that was good or bad, it happened in a very difficult time for me and either pushed me to depression, or saved me from more severe one.  And beginning of November is 4th anniversary of that time when everything seemed to crash down, while I discovered almost unlimited resource of  fiction, a place so easy to escape to from reality. And somehow I started interacting with those people talking about what they wrote.

all saints

ALL SAINTS- 1th November.

I wanted to make a "graves in TV shows" picspam
Or create a list of fictional people "killed" in their canon since 1 November 2011.
I didn't know it took so much time and effort, and still have nothing.

I was thinking about buffyverse or SPN demons/monsters, how would All Saints affect their acrivity, all those people hanging out at graveyards, and millions of little lights with real fire. I think vampires can't turn anybody at late October, to complicated with all those 48-hour lights. All Saints images from google

I'm alive

I came back to livejournal and plan to make it more alive and permanent. I just need to figure everything out.

Second post

It's my second, and probably last post on this LJ, as I need it rather to comment. My first post is in Polish and says the same.


To mój pierwszy i prawdopodobnie ostatni wpis.
Używam livejournala jako czytelnik/komentator.

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